Stellar board

I’ve been advising Stellar since Stripe helped it launch about a year ago. Today I’m joining their board.

Digital currencies are still nascent, and my hopes for them remain unchanged. Particularly, we need digital currency protocols like Stellar that work with the existing financial system and focus on a seamless user experience.

I’ve always been impressed with Joyce, Jed, and their team’s approach to the space. Stellar is a non-profit entity producing open-source software, with a strong emphasis on financial inclusion. From launch day, they’ve been hyperfocused on the core technology and community. In the past year, they’ve made strong progress, including a provably-correct consensus algorithm (complete with explanatory graphic novel), a redesign and from-scratch implementation of the technology, and the groundwork for a pilot in South Africa.

Building anything valuable takes time, and Stellar is no exception. It’s still too early to say where it might end up. But I’m excited to help along the path.


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